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<br /> <br />Renton Trails and Bicycle Master Plan Update <br />King County/City of Renton Regional Trail Discussion #1 <br />September 22, 2017 <br />11:00 am to 2:00 pm <br />Renton City Hall <br />Meeting Summary <br /> <br />Participants <br />King County Parks (KC) <br />Kevin Brown, Director, Parks and Recreation Division <br />Jean White, Government Relations Administrator <br />Sujata Goel, Government Relations Administrator <br />Frank Overton, Capital Projects Managing Supervisor <br />Tri Ong, Capital Project Manager – Parks Engineer, PE <br />Mike Ullmer, Project/Program Manager <br />Jason Rich, Capital Project Manager <br />City of Renton (COR) <br />Vicki Grover, Transportation Planning & Programming Manager <br />Leslie Betlach, Parks Planning and Natural Resources Director <br />Angie Mathias, Long Range Planner <br />Kelly Beymer, Community Services Administrator <br />Jim Seitz, Transportation Systems Director <br />Cailin Hunsaker, Parks and Golf Director <br />Consultant <br />Connie Reckord, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />David Saxen, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Aaron Gooze, Fehr and Peers (FP) <br /> <br />Purpose <br />The purpose of this meeting was to collaborate with King County representatives on possible and <br />preferred routing for the (Eastside Rail Corridor, Lake To Sound, and Cedar River) regional trails through <br />the City of Renton, discuss alternative facility types for these corridors, update on the status of the Civic <br />Core planning effort and review proposed cross sections for the corridors in that plan, and review the <br />status of other regional trails/routes (Soos Creek, Lake Washington Loop). This is the first of two planned