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Community Open House #1 Summary <br />Participants <br />Community Members <br />Bill Nyland <br />Peggy Price <br />Diane Webb <br />Chris Chartier <br />Mike Nolan <br />Brian Birmingham <br />Jim Dougherty <br />Todd Black <br />Cailin Hunsaker <br />Kizzie Funkhouse <br />Mark Follmer <br />William Koch <br />Carol McCarthy <br />Julie Cassata <br />Roberta Graver <br />Jeff Dineen <br />Larry Reymann <br />munity members who were having difficulty using <br />the online survey and mapping tool. Approximately <br />35 people attended the open house. <br />Presentation <br />Connie Reckord (MR) presented an approximately <br />20-minute long PowerPoint show covering the following <br />topics: <br />• Project Introduction <br />− Overview <br />− Accomplishments since the last plan <br />− Project schedule & public outreach <br />• Key Considerations <br />− Changes in Renton development <br />− Regional trail connections <br />− Identifying challenges <br />− New strategies (Level of Traffic Stress Approach) <br />− Bicycle Facility Types <br />Workshop and Discussion <br />Participants were invited to review and provide input on <br />a number of blank maps representing different parts of <br />the city. A full set of maps, the Draft Goals and Objec- <br />tives, Level of Traffic Stress maps, and non-motorized <br />facility types were arranged along the back of the room. <br />Two tables with maps and markers were also available <br />for attendees to provide input. <br />Participants made comments on most of the city maps, <br />asked questions of the city staff and consultant team, <br />and engaged in discussion with each other. Most of the <br />questions and comments pertained to bicycling, some <br />were about walking trails, and a few were ADA accessi- <br />bility comments. There was no public input provided on <br />the Draft Goals and Objectives or equestrian use. <br />Tim Searing <br />Theresa Nguyen <br />Neil Sheesley <br />James Wilhoit <br />Bob Elliot <br />Rep. Steve Bergquist <br />Wesley Bergquist <br />Barb Mandic <br />Debbie Natelson <br />John Collum <br />Meg Browning <br />Alex Matson <br />Elizabeth Nenque <br />Rich Dolleman <br />Dorothy Flower <br />Marlene Winter <br />R. Sanzanini <br />City Staff <br />Vicki Grover, Transportation Planning & Programming <br />Manager <br />Leslie Betlach, Parks Planning and Natural Resources <br />Director <br />Consultant <br />Connie Reckord, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />David Saxen, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Arielle Farina-Williams, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Chris Breiland, Fehr & Peers (FP) <br />Purpose <br />Open House #1 provided an introduction to the <br />plan background and process, and was used to <br />solicit input from community members on both <br />on and off-street trails and bicycle routes and draft <br />Goals and Objectives. Participants were encouraged <br />to record comments on a number of blank maps <br />representing different parts of the city. Participants <br />were also provided comment sheets to be filled out <br />and returned at the meeting or on a later date. A <br />laptop computer was made available to assist com- <br />June 28, 2017 <br />6:00 – 8:00 PM <br />Renton Senior Activity Center