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Community Open House #3 Summary <br />Participants <br />Community Members <br />Armondo Pavone <br />Jim Zimmerman <br />Meara Heubach <br />Kortney Thoma <br />Cathryn Burby <br />Jim Ventris <br />Shelly Sylverson <br />Jeff Smith <br />Gwen Smith <br />Neil Sheeslzy <br />Bolo Rees <br />Cailin Hunsaker <br />Bob Elliot <br />Polly Ogden <br />Alan Reed <br />Kay Nairn <br />Richard Cook <br />Jeff Dineen <br />Marlene Winter <br />Jeannine Seil <br />Chuck Seil <br />Mona Davis <br />Gordon Hesse <br />Ira Sacharoff <br />Julie Cassata <br />Cathy Corman <br />James Wilhoit <br />Wesley Bergquist <br />Randy Corman <br />Danny Corman <br />City Staff <br />Vicki Grover, Transportation Planning & Program- <br />ming Manager <br />Leslie Betlach, Parks Planning and Natural Resources <br />Director <br />Consultant <br />Connie Reckord, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />David Saxen, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Arielle Farina-Williams, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Purpose <br />Open House #3 provided attendees an opportunity to <br />review and vote on the preliminary projects com- <br />prising the proposed non-motorized network. At the <br />start of the open house, Connie Reckord (MR) gave <br />a presentation summarizing the key takeaways from <br />previous open houses, the regional trail planning <br />effort with King County Parks, and the non-motorized <br />network hierarchy and facility types. <br />After the presentation, attendees were invited to <br />vote on a list of 101 preliminary projects comprising <br />the non-motorized network. Each attendee was given <br />five stickers to place next to his or her preferred proj- <br />ects, which were listed by number in tables. <br />Thirty people attended the open house. <br />Presentation <br />Connie Reckord (MR) presented an approximately 20-min- <br />ute long PowerPoint show covering the following topics: <br />• Project Review <br /> -Overview <br />• Summary of Community Input & Agency Collabo- <br />ration <br /> -Key Takeaways from earlier Open Houses <br /> -Regional Trail planning with King County <br />• Plan Components <br /> -Overall Network <br /> -Projects <br /> -Facility Types <br /> -Potential Roadway Standards Revisions <br />• Project Prioritization <br />• Voting Instructions <br />November 28, 2017 <br />6:00 – 8:00 PM <br />Renton Senior Center