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Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #2 Summary <br />Avenue SW. <br />• Sartori School – Pete Maas asked whether <br />non-motorized access had been consideration <br />for the Sartori School, noting that bike lanes <br />were not included in the planning process. <br /> -A 12 foot wide multi-use path is to be in- <br />stalled along Garden Avenue <br />• There has been no input on equestrian facilities <br />to date. <br />• Perhaps add “cost” to the project evaluation <br />criteria (essentially is integrated in the criteria). <br />Pursue the “low hanging fruit” or “easy win” <br />projects. <br /> -Can these projects be elevated, even after <br />the plan is adopted? <br /> -There was discussion about how the com- <br />munity can request additional improvements <br />after adoption of the plan, for example a <br />new crosswalk. <br />• The Project Evaluation Criteria are numerous and <br />very ambitious (Robert Foxworthy). In coordina- <br />tion with the city, the criteria could be weighted <br />based on its importance. <br />• Will there be a way to gather input once the plan <br />is finished? For example, if a user sees a logical <br />spot for a crosswalk. <br />• Trails are not like roads. Trail users are not neces- <br />sarily as observant of traffic control devices, such <br />as Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB) or <br />C-curbs, being more interested on the surround- <br />ing environment. Trails should be designed to <br />accommodate this lack of awareness. <br />• How does the Study Network compare to the <br />Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Bicycle Net- <br />work? MacLeod Reckord will look into this. <br />• At the next Open House, show the public specific <br />options, such as a bike boulevard vs bike lanes on <br />an arterial. <br />Participants <br />TAC Members <br />Pete Maas, Renton Trails Advisory Committee <br />Bob Elliot, Renton Trails Advisory Committee <br />Vicky Clarke, Cascade Bicycle Club <br />King County Parks <br />Robert Foxworthy, King County Parks <br />Mike Ullmer, King County Parks <br />Jean White, King County Parks <br />Staff/Consultant <br />Vicki Grover, City of Renton, Transportation Plan- <br />ning & Programming Manager <br />Leslie Betlach, City of Renton, Parks Planning and <br />Natural Resources Director <br />Connie Reckord, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />David Saxen, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Arielle Farina-Williams, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Aaron Gooze, Fehr and Peers (FP) <br />Purpose <br />• The purpose of this meeting was to update the <br />Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on the <br />plan, summarize the community input received, <br />explain the network hierarchy and draft project <br />prioritization criteria, review the Study Network <br />maps and receive feedback from the TAC mem- <br />bers. <br />Discussion <br />• Generally, the discussion focused on bicycling <br />issues. <br />• SW 7th Street – What is the status of the pro- <br />posed road diet from Oakesdale Ave SW to Lind <br />Ave SW? Many comments from the community <br />input alluded to the discomfort of bicycling on <br />SW 7th Street and the need for a road diet. <br /> -The transportation division is willing to do <br />the initial analysis on the section of SW 7th <br />Street from Oakesdale Avenue SW and Lind <br />September 6, 2017 <br />4:30 – 6:00 PM <br />Renton City Hall, 7th Floor, Conference Center (Rm 720)