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Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #3 Summary <br />Participants <br />TAC Members <br />Pete Maas, Renton Trails Advisory Committee <br />Bob Elliot, Renton Trails Advisory Committee <br />King County Parks <br />Robert Foxworthy, King County Parks <br />Jean White, King County Parks <br />Staff/Consultant <br />Vicki Grover, City of Renton, Transportation Plan- <br />ning & Programming Manager <br />Leslie Betlach, City of Renton, Parks Planning and <br />Natural Resources Director <br />Connie Reckord, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />David Saxen, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Arielle Farina-Williams, MacLeod Reckord (MR) <br />Aaron Gooze, Fehr and Peers (FP) <br />Purpose <br />The purpose of this meeting was to update the <br />Technical Advisory Committee on the status of the <br />plan and confirm the approach and content for the <br />final open house. <br />The meeting comprised the following: <br />• Summary the results of the King County Trails <br />meeting for the TAC. <br />• Discussion of the suggested roadway design stan- <br />dard revisions. <br />• Review the preliminary projects, focusing on <br />a few projects demonstrating each type of <br />non-motorized facility. <br />• Presentation and discussion of conceptual in- <br />tersection designs for four priority intersections <br />where regional trails will intersect. <br />November 16, 2017 <br />4:30 – 6:00 PM <br />Renton City Hall, 7th Floor, Conference Center (Rm 720) <br />Discussion <br />The bulk of the discussion focused on the prelim- <br />inary project list. TAC members and King County <br />Staff were in general agreement with the projects <br />covered. <br />Robert Foxworthy (King County Parks) mentioned <br />that the connection between the Eastside Rail Cor- <br />ridor and the Lake to Sound Trail through Renton is <br />identified as a project in the PSRC Transportation <br />2040 Project List: <br />Project ID: 5585 <br />Title: ERC to L2S Connector <br />Description: Regional trail/bicycle/pedestrian <br />facility linking the Lake to Sound <br />Trail to the Eastside Rail Corridor <br />Trail through Renton <br />Location/Facility: BNSF rail corridor/Houser Way, <br />Renton <br />From: Lake to Sound Trail at Cedar River <br />Trail/I-405 <br />To: Eastside Rail Corridor Trail at <br />Lake Washington Blvd/Logan Ave <br />N <br />Start year: 2020 <br />Completion year: 2024 <br />Attendees were also in agreement with the con- <br />ceptual intersection plans. For the Burnett Avenue <br />- Houser Way intersection, the idea of locating the <br />two-way protected bike lanes on the north side of <br />Houser Way between Burnett Avenue and Main <br />Avenue was brought up as a way to make the Bur- <br />nett-Houser intersection crossings more rational. A <br />second alternative will be generated showing this <br />option.