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tiTA: <br /> .. <br /> et <br /> 9 <br /> 6 x` <br /> J =‘ ,�V RECEIVED <br /> O <br /> ` 1889 a <br /> STATE OF WASHINGTON SEP 2 0 2013 <br /> DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH <br /> NORTHWEST DRINKING WATER REGIONAL OPERATIONS CITY OF RENTON <br /> 20425 72nd Avenue South,Suite 310,Kent Washington 98032-2388 UTILITY SYSTEMS <br /> September 19, 2013 <br /> JD WILSON PE <br /> RENTON CITY OF <br /> 1055 SOUTH GRADY WAY <br /> RENTON WA 98057 <br /> RE: Renton, City of, ID# 71850 <br /> King County <br /> Water System Plan -APPROVAL <br /> Submittal # 12-0213 <br /> Dear Mr. Wilson: <br /> The City of Renton water system plan(WSP), received in this office on February 22, 2012,with a <br /> subsequent submittal on January 2, 2013, has been reviewed and in accordance with the provisions <br /> of WAC 246-290-100, is hereby APPROVED. <br /> Approval of this WSP is valid as it relates to current standards outlined in Washington <br /> Administrative Code (WAC)246-290 revised March 18, 2012; WAC 246-293 revised September <br /> 1997, and is subject to the qualifications herein. Future revisions in the rules and statutes may be <br /> more stringent and require facility modification or corrective action. An approved update of this <br /> WSP is required on or before September 19,2019, unless ODW requests an update or plan <br /> amendment pursuant to WAC 246-290-100(9). <br /> APPROVED NUMBER OF CONNECTIONS <br /> The analysis provided in this WSP shows the water system has sufficient capacity to meet the <br /> growth projections during this planning period. The City of Renton water system can support an <br /> "unspecified"designation for its approved number of connections. A specific number of approved <br /> connections will not be applied at this time. Development may occur in compliance with the <br /> schedule and information provided in this WSP. This designation may be rescinded(and replaced <br /> with a specified number of approved connections) if ODW determines that the WSP is no longer <br /> representative of system activities. <br /> LOCAL GOVERNMENT CONSISTENCY <br /> This document meets local government consistency requirements for WSP approval <br /> pursuant to DOH "Local Government Consistency, RCW 90.03.386, and RCW 43.20. <br /> ® 0 <br />