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H:\CED\Data\Forms-Templates\Self-Help Handouts\Building\Sign Permit ApplicaƟon Permanent.pdf Updated 4/26/18 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Development Services Division <br />1055 S. Grady Way <br />Renton, WA 98057 <br />(425) 430-7200 <br /> <br />SIGN PERMIT APPLICATION <br />PERMANENT <br />This application must be filled out completely in order to be submitted for review. We will not accept incomplete applications. Sign applications <br />for permanent signage are good for one (1) year from the submittal date. Once issued, a Permanent Sign Permit is good for one (1) year from the <br />issue date. A one-time extension of one (1) year can be requested at a cost of half the permit fee. Please see the Sign Regulations for more <br />information. Please follow our Electronic File Standards for information on the electronic submittal requirement. This application must be a .pdf <br />and be included in your electronic files submittal. <br />FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: <br />PERMIT NUMBER: _____________________ LAND USE NUMBER: ____________ CODE CASE NUMBER: ____________________ <br />1. LOCATION INFORMATION <br />JOB ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________ TENANT NAME: _______________________________ <br />VALUE OF WORK: (Fair market value for time + materials)_$________________________ BOEING JOB #(If applicable): ____________________ <br />2. OWNER INFORMATION <br />PROPERTY OWNER NAME: __________________________________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________ <br />ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________ CITY: ______________S TATE: _____ ZIP: ______________ <br />3. CONTACT INFORMATION <br />CONTACT NAME: _______________________________________________________ PHONE: _____________________________ <br />EMAIL: _______________________________________________________________ FAX: ________________________________ <br />4. CONTRACTOR INFORMATION <br />I AM DOING THE WORK AS THE BUILDING EOWNER. If yes, please fill out the Owner Affidavit and include it with this form. <br />If you are not the owner, you must include written permission from the owner with this application. <br /> I AM HIRING A LICENSED CONTRACTOR. Fill out the portion below: <br />NAME: _________________________________________________________ PHONE: ___________________________________ <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON CONTACTOR’S LICENSE: __________________________________________________________________ <br />CITY OF RENTON BUSINESS LICENSE: <br />I certify that the information on this application furnished by me is true and correct and that the applicable requirements of the City of Renton <br />will be met. Certification is hereby rendered that no work is to be done except as described, and that all work shall conform to applicable codes. <br />Work in public rights-of-way and/or utility easements are not authorized under this application. Fees to be paid at permit intake. <br />APPLICANT SIGNATURE: ______________________________________________________ DATE: _________________________ <br />APPLICANT NAME PRINTED: _________________________________________________________________________________