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D City of <br /> ���0� '',�'. <br /> Human Services Advisory Committee <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> Renton City Hall <br /> Council Conference Room, 7t" Floor <br /> September 16, 2014, 3:00 p.m. <br /> CALL TO ORDER: Chair Shannon Matson called the meeting to order. A quorum was present. <br /> ATTENDANCE: Shannon Matson, Chair; Linda Smith,Vice-Chair; Leslie Anderson; Chad Buechler; Dorothy <br /> Capers, Amy Koehl, Brool< Dodd. Excused: Elyn Blandon; Ryan Mclrvin. Unexcused: Len Aron <br /> City of Renton Staff: Karen Bergsvik; Dianne Utecht; Katie McClincy;Jennifer Jorgenson. <br /> 1. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES <br /> Shannon asked for a motion to approve the May 20, 2014, minutes as presented. Linda moved for <br /> approval; Leslie seconded. Motion carried. <br /> 2. FUNDING RECOMMENDATIONS <br /> Karen reviewed the proposal for funding small agencies, and the criteria that was developed. It is to <br /> help small organizations providing essential services to develop the capacity to service more Renton <br /> residents. Small organizations are defined as less than FTE, $200,000 annual expenditure budget or less <br /> in 2014, and easily accessible to Renton Residents. Essential are those services in the areas of housing, <br /> youth, and food,where no other organizations based in Greater Renton are offering the same of similar <br /> services that the City of Renton Human Services is funding, or the program is meeting a unique unmet <br /> need. This proposal was reviewed with Mayor Law,Jay Covington, and Terry Higashiyama. They were <br /> supportive of it, and it is included in the budget at this time. It is for$4,000 per program or$24,000 per <br /> year; $48,000 for the two year budget. <br /> The purpose of the funding was discussed—whether it is to help agencies deliver an essential service— <br /> or develop the capacity to be competitive in the funding process. It is both. The proposal of requiring <br /> the six agencies to have an organizational assessment done and to submit an action plan was supported <br /> by the members. Members also discussed the idea of being mentors to the programs. <br /> Shannon called for a vote. Leslie moved to accept the funding recommendations as presented. Chad <br /> seconded the motion; unanimous approval from all members. <br /> 3. COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT and HUMAN SERVICES STRATEGIC PLAN <br /> Karen encouraged members to read the plan. It explains the 13 needs, which came from reviewing <br /> demographic data, doing focus groups, and interviewing stakeholders throughout the community. <br /> Karen offered ways that the committee members can be more involved in the plans. One of the things <br /> that the plan really highlighted was the high needs in the Sunset Area. The City is applying for a Choice <br /> Neighborhood Grant. The Renton Housing Authority is partnering with King County Housing Authority. <br /> The three components of the application are people, housing, and services. Neighborhood House is the <br /> lead for the people section. Members can learn more about this grant effort and the planning behind <br /> it. <br /> Members will be reviewing the draft Housing and Human Services Policies of the Comprehensive Plan. <br />