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° C����0� �� <br /> Human Services Advisory Committee <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> Renton City Hall <br /> Council Conference Room, 7th Floor <br /> October 21, 2014, 3:00 p.m. <br /> CALL TO ORDER: Karen Bergsvik chaired this meeting, due to the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair. A <br /> quorum was present. <br /> ATTEIVDANCE: Leslie Anderson; Chad Buechler; Dorothy Capers,Amy Koehl; Ryan Mclrvin. <br /> Excused: Shannon Matson; Linda Smith; Elyn Blandon; Brook Dodd. <br /> City of Renton Staff: Karen Bergsvik; Dianne Utecht;Jennifer Jorgenson. <br /> Guests: Kaelene Nobis and Susan Daley from Renton Housing Authority <br /> 1. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES <br /> The September Minutes were tabled for approval at the next meeting. <br /> 2. RENTON HOUSING AUTHORITY(RHA) UPDATE <br /> Kaelene Nobis is the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director Mark Gropper. Susan Daley is the <br /> Resident Services Coordinator that worl<s with the older adults. <br /> Kaelene explained that the Sunset Terrace community is undergoing a massive reconfiguration with <br /> new residential units being built for their residents. These units are being individually constructed in <br /> development blocks: Glennwood Town Homes was the first redevelopment project and Kirkland <br /> Development is their first modular home development as replacement residences. <br /> The residents in Sunset Terrace are being relocated so the units could be razed, and the new housing <br /> can be built. Those displaced residents will have the first opportunity to move back as the new <br /> residences become available. For the Renton Housing Authority,there is currently a wait list of 5,000 <br /> people,which equates to ten years. <br /> RHA has purchased property for a resident's services building. This will be a place for service providers <br /> to provide services to residents as well as other residents of the Sunset area, in an accessible and <br /> convenient location. <br /> RHA did a survey of their residents. Some of the findings are: Household average income for RHA <br /> residents is$13,000 to $14,000. Many of their residents did not graduate from high school or get their <br /> GED;they are working with Renton Technical College on how to provide training to help residents best <br /> meet their potential. <br /> There are 400 seniors living at Evergreen Terrace, Golden Pines, Cedar River Terrace, and Sunset <br /> Terrace (senior and disabled housing). <br /> There is need in Renton for affordable senior housing that offers assistance with activities of daily living. <br /> In the redevelopment plans there is space set aside fior Providence Health Care to develop a PACE <br /> program (a program of all-inclusive care for the Elderly)/Elder Place model of carP. <br /> CVS Pharmacy has donated $10,000 to help develop a community garden in conjunction with the <br /> Renton Housing Authority's redevelopment efforts. <br />