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City Of Renton Parking Citation System RFP Questions and Answers <br />1) Who is the City's current enforcement provider? <br />[Answer] Citation System = Purchased from Duncan Parking Technologies, which is now a <br />division of CivicSmart — up for replacement <br />VRV Interface = CodeSmart — up for consideration <br />License Plate Reader (LPR) System = Genetec — the City will be keeping <br />2) How many citations does the City issue each year? <br />[Answer] Approximately 4,600 violations have been issued annually through the current parking <br />citation system (in some cases there are two per ticket). <br />3) What is the average fine for each citation and the penalty fine for each escalation period? <br />[Answer] $45 Fine <br />$15 Late penalty <br />4) What type of handheld units is the City currently using? <br />[Answer] AutoCITE X3 <br />5) Does the City have a preference of a single unit issuance device to smart phone and Bluetooth <br />printer combination? <br />[Answer] No. We are open to all options, however, per the Functional Requirement's <br />"Equipment/Hardware" section, Officer devices, including printer, need to be portable <br />and remain with the Officer (we don't want the Officer to have to print from within the <br />vehicle). <br />6) Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this? (like, from India or Canada) <br />[Answer] Yes. <br />7) Whether we need to come over there for meetings? <br />[Answer] It would be ideal to meet in person on occasions, but meeting in person is not strictly <br />required. <br />8) Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA? (like, from India or Canada <br />[Answer] Yes, it is OK for tasks needed to get the project completed to be performed outside of <br />the US. <br />9) Can we submit the proposals via email? <br />[Answer] Yes. <br />