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Public Notice <br /> The City of Renton to Apply Mosquito Control Pesticides <br /> The City of Renton may use mosquito larvicides and adulticides to help control <br /> mosquitoes in accordance with the Washington State Department of Ecology's Aquatic <br /> Mosquito Control General Permit. The larvicide, VectoLex, is made of a natural <br /> bacterium,the active ingredient being Bacillus sphaericus 2362,Serotype H5a5b, strain <br /> ABTS 1743. The adulticide, Aqualuer 20-20®, contains active ingredients Permethrin and <br /> Piperonyl Butoxide. Treatments may occur between June 10, 2019 and September 30, <br /> 2019. Larvicide treatment will generally occur in stormwater facilities and catch basins <br /> owned or maintained by the City. Adulticide treatment areas are generally located in <br /> upland areas east of SR-167 and west of Lake Avenue South/Talbot Road South between <br /> the 3900 block of Talbot Road South to the south and 1-405 to the north, within the City <br /> of Renton, Washington. Information about the larvicides, adulticides, and a map of the <br /> specific locations are available at <br /> For more information about the City's commitment to help reduce the threat of West <br /> Nile virus and control mosquitoes, or to have your residence put on a "No Spray" list, <br /> please contact Kristina Lowthian, City of Renton Surface Water Utility Engineer, at 425- <br /> 430-7249 or by email at If you received an "Authorization <br /> and Release" form by mail and did not sign and return it by May 20, 2019,you have <br /> automatically been placed on the "No Spray" list. <br /> For additional information about Ecology's Aquatic Mosquito Control General Permit, <br /> please contact the City of Renton or Jon Jennings, Water Quality Program, Washington <br /> State Department of Ecology, at 360-407-6283 or by email at <br /> <br /> <br /> / <br /> / <br /> / ,. ,, -:, <br /> Jason A. eth <br /> City Clerk <br /> Published Renton Reporter <br /> May 31, 2019 <br /> Account No. 50640 <br /> H:\Publications\Public Notices\2019\Mosquito Abatement Program Public Notice 2019.doc\KLtp <br />