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Amended by:ORDs 5259,5260 <br />CITY OF RENTON,WASHINGTON <br />ORDINANCE NO.5155 <br />Amends ORDs 2404,2586,2635, <br />2813,2857,2969,3076,3081, <br />3127,3180,3191,3251,3563, <br />3678,3698,3706,3749, 3807, <br />3810,4003,4204, 4208,4284, <br />4319,4330,4380,4419,4420, <br />4452,4650,4663,4723,4833, <br />4838, 4849, 4860,4966,4986 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF RENTON,WASHINGTON,AMENDING <br />TITLE IT (COMMISSIONS AND BOARDS)OF ORDINANCE NO.4260 <br />ENTITLED "CODE OF GENERAL ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF RENTON, <br />WASHINGTON"BY ELIMINATING THE BOARDS OF ADJUSTMENT, <br />ETHICS,PUBLIC WORKS,EMERGENCY SERVICES ORGANIZATION, <br />HUMAN RIGHTS AND AFFAIRS,AND UNFAIR HOUSING PRACTICES; <br />ADDING THE ADVISORY COMMISSION ON DIVERSITY,LffiRARY BOARD, <br />ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW COMMITTEE,LEOFF DISABILITY BOARD, <br />LODGING TAX ADVISORY COMlVUTTEE,AND AIRPORT ADVISORY <br />COMMITTEE;AND UPDATING ALL REMAINING CHAPTERS. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF RENTON,WASHINGTON,DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTIONL Title IT,Commissions and Boards,of Ordinance No.4260 entitled "Code <br />of General Ordinances ofthe City ofRenton,Washington"is hereby amended to read as follows: <br />Title IT <br />COMMISSIONS AND BOARDS <br />1 (Repealed) <br />2 (Repealed) <br />3 (Repealed) <br />4 Civil Service Commission <br />5 (Repealed) <br />6 Firefighters'Pension Board <br />7 Advisory Commission on Diversity <br />8 Municipal Arts Commission <br />9 Park Commission <br />10 Planning Commission <br />11 (Repealed) <br />12 Human Services Advisory Committee <br />13 Library Board <br />14 Environmental Review Committee <br />15 LEOFF Disability Board <br />16 Lodging Tax Advisory Committee <br />17 Airport Advisory Committee <br />18 Membership and Procedures <br />1