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° ���coo� � <br /> �'��������� <br /> Hurnar► Services Advi.sory Cornrnittee <br /> 19neeting Minutes JUN � � 2015 <br /> Renton City Hall <br /> Council Conference Room, 7th Floor ��C����� <br /> April 21, 2015 3:00 p.m.. ��"�'1`C�ERICSOFFIC� <br /> CALL'PO ORDER: Ryan Mclrvin,Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order. There was not a quorum. <br /> , ATTENDAfVCE: Ryan Mclrvin, Leslie Anderson, Chad Buechler, Kyle Burleigh,Amy Koehl <br /> Excused: Shannon Matson, Brook Dodd, Linda Smith, and Henry Malphus. City of Renton Staff: Karen <br /> Bergsvik, Dianrie Utecht, Katie McClincy,Jennifer Jorgenson. Guest: Chris Johnson,from CWU History <br /> of Social Services Agents Class. <br /> Karen introduced Chris Johnson. Chris was job-shadowing Karen for the day. Chris asked the members <br /> to tell him why they wanted to be on this particular committee. Each of the members shared their <br /> thoughts with him. <br /> The minutes were not approved due to lack of a quorum. � <br /> MEETING TOPICS FOR 2015 <br /> Karen went over the proposed meeting topics and asked for feedback from the members. <br /> Leslie commented that the Poison Control Center was far north of Renton and that she visits it as part of <br /> her work duties. She volunteered to bring information back from one of her visits and share it with the <br /> group. <br /> Karen clarified the May meeting will be focused on the Strategic Plan. <br /> Leslie is in favor of individual visits with members reporting back to the Committee. Kyle agreed. <br /> It was decided that we need the input of the members who are absent. Karen will email to the <br /> members a survey, asking for their input. <br /> CAPACITY�UILDING UPDAYE <br /> Dianne shared that the second request for proposals generated several responses this time. The <br /> members(Leslie and Amy)who reviewed the responses and Dianne's preferred choice were the same. <br /> Dianne successfully negotiated a contract with The Alford Group to work with the six agencies that have <br /> been selected. <br /> CONYRACYIfVG 101 <br /> Karen went over the strategies developed by the cities in the East, North, and South King County areas <br /> to work as a united group to develop a regionally standardized funding application. The intent is for <br /> agencies to spend more time helping people and less time doing paperwork. <br /> Dianne gave an overview of the work she does—she reviews all of the standardized contract forms, <br /> agency performance measures, and proposed outcomes. The agencies determine if they want to spend <br /> the funds on personnel or other things. The City has a 90% Performance Clause contained within each <br /> contract. If the agency meets 90%of the Performance Measures for a particular quarter it will be fully <br /> paid. If not,the City has the right to withhold funds. <br />