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�, . � �-�� ° �Q��flU� ��� <br /> Human Services Advisory Committee 6B�°�����°� <br /> Meeting Minutes �1UN �. � 2015 <br /> Renton City Hall <br /> Council Conference Room, 7th Floor IR�CE�vED <br /> March 17, 2015, 3:00 p.m. _ �61'1PCLERK'SOFFICE • <br /> CALL TO ORDER: Shannon Matson,Chair,called the meeting to order. A quorum was present. <br /> ATTENDANCE: Shannon Matsoh; Linda Smith; Leslie Anderson; Chad Buechler;Amy Koehl; Kyle Burleigh; <br /> Henry Malphus. Excused: Ryan Mclrvin, Brook Dodd. Unexcused: Dorothy Capers. City of Renton staff: <br /> Karen Bergsvik, Dianne Utecht. Guest: Berk Consultants Annie Saurwein and Allegra Calder. <br /> 1. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES <br /> Chad moved to approve the February Minutes as presented; Leslie seconded; motion carried. <br /> 2. WORLD CAFE CONVERSATIONS SUMMARY <br /> The committee members were invited to share their thoughts and observations from attending the <br /> World Cafe conversations. <br /> Members commented overall on the great attendance and the diversity of people attending, and noted <br /> that they learned about what services people provided and how that met the needs. Some of the <br /> suggestions made were on services that already existed, leading members to comment we needed to <br /> � communicate better about services being provided. Specific comments on sessions included: including � <br /> jobs in human services was a broadening of perspective and raised the_question about what human <br /> services role is in economic deVelopment. Karen noted that Worksource and Youthsource apologized for <br /> not attending the Cafes. City staff inet with Youthsource. Leslie noted that she would have liked to have <br /> seen more Renton School District staff attend. Early Learning folks were well represented, but no <br /> alternative education staff attended. <br /> Public En�a�ement Summary <br /> Allegra asked Committee members to review the public engagement summary and let Berk know if there <br /> was anything missing. They can take email comments. Noting that transportation and childcare came up <br /> at all the sessions, it might be useful to do an overall findings, pulling the common themes from all <br /> sessions. <br /> 3. OPTIONS FOR FUNDING PLAN <br /> Annie reviewed the analysis of Renton and otJ�er local cities'current funding for Human Services. She <br /> � noted that Exhibit 1 was best viewed as a ranking,with Renton in the middle of cities overall in the per <br /> capita human services funding. There are some variations from other cities on what is and is not <br /> included. <br /> It was noted that of the agencies funded,21 agencies have received funding from Renton during the Iast <br /> six year period. Any major shift will impact organizations relaying on our grants and we ma.y want to <br /> consider phasing in the plan. <br /> Pros and Cons of Renton's current fundin�: <br /> Con: <br /> , , <br /> • Using past allocations as future predictor of need <br /> • Funding a good proposal vs. need, e.g.Washington Poison Control, even though not in needs <br /> assessment <br />