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� � <br /> � <br /> t � � � ' .�.��� <br /> _-'/ \.;�.f% <br /> p �� o��� `� <br /> � � � . ��o���t��o� <br /> Human Services Advisory Committee <br /> Meeting Minutes _ JUN 1 � 2015 <br /> Renton City Hall �������� <br /> Council Conference Room, 7th Floor �ITIP�LERK'SOF�IC� <br /> February 17, 2015, 3:00 p.m. <br /> CALL TO ORDER: Shannon Matson,Chair,called the m.eeting to order. A quorum was present. � <br /> ATTENDANCE: Shannon Matson; Linda Smith; Brook Dodd; Leslie Anderson; Ryan Mclrvin; Chad " � <br /> Buechler;Amy Koehl; Kyle Burleigh; Henry Malphus <br /> Excused: Dorothy Capers. City of Renton staff: Karen Bergsvik, Dianne Utecht,Jennifer Jorgenson,John <br /> Collum Guest: Berk Consultant Annie Saurwein <br /> 1. APPROVAL OF'PREVIOUS MINUTES <br /> . Linda moved to approve the January Minutes as presented; Leslie seconded; motion carried. <br /> 2. HUMAN SERVICES STRATEGIC PLAN � <br /> . Annie invited the committee members to sign up and attend the remaining World Cafe <br /> Conversations. <br /> f, <br /> , Ryan facilitated the first meeting,which Linda and Karen attended. Linda expressed how much she <br /> gained from being present and listening to the providers. Karen was impressed with the depth of , <br /> the responses to the three questions that were presented for discussion. '. , <br /> l <br /> Annie handed out example sheets explaining the Facilitator's agenda and explained how they <br /> typically introduce and run the meetings. She explained the.guests will break down to individual � <br /> tables for discussion of the questions on the Facilitator's agenda. Notes and flip charts are <br /> developed along with the responses and are compiled after each conversation is held. <br /> Berk will prepare individual summaries from each meeting and these will be summarized as part of <br /> the Strategic Plan process. . <br /> 3. VICE-CHAIR POSITION - <br /> Ryah volunteered to be the Vice-Chair for 2015. Kyle nominated Ryan for the position;�motion was <br /> seconded by Linda. Motion carried. , <br /> 4. RESIGNATION AIVD VACANCY <br /> Karen noted Elyn Blandon had officially resigned as a member of this committee. Two other <br /> applicants had been interviewed for the recent vacancies,and the nominating committee agreed <br /> that both were qualified, and to contact them to see if they were still interested in the position. ; <br /> 5. MEETING LOGISTICS � ' <br /> Staff will furnish copies of the agenda, handouts, and minutes to the members at each meeting. <br /> Karen will survey the members to see if there is a better time for the group to meet. <br /> 1 <br />