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, <br /> , . _ _. __ .. <br /> . r ,- - � � at - <br /> � � � �;� ���, � ° C��Co�� � <br /> Human Services Advisory Committee <br /> . _, Meeting Minutes <br /> , Renton City HaN <br /> Council Conference Room, 7t" Floor ` - <br /> December 16, 2014, 3:00 p.m. <br /> CACL TfJ dRDER: Shannon Matson,Chair,ca(led the meeting to order. A quorum was present. <br /> ATTENDANCE: ' � <br /> In Attendance: Shannon Matsan, Cinda Smith, Braak Dodd, Leslie Andersan, Ryan Mclrvin,Chad <br /> Buechler. Excused:Amy Koehl. Absent: Dorothy Capers, Elyn Blandon. <br /> City of Rentan Staff; Karen Bergsvik, Katie McCfincy,lennifer lorgenson. <br /> Guests: Fauna Larking and Annie Saurwein, Berk Consulting <br /> ` 1. APPROVAL{�F PREVIOUS MINUTES . . <br /> Brook made a motion to approve the minutes as written; secondedaby Leslie. Motian was carried. <br /> � ' Minutes were approved as written. � <br /> 2. WELCOME AND REVIEW OF AGENDA <br /> Karen explained Fauna and Annie would be facilitating the meeting. Fauna presented the agenda <br /> which pravides the required action items and time lines they have developed to finalize the Human <br /> ' � Services Strategic Plan for the City of Rentan: � <br /> 3. HUMAN SERVICES DEFtNITION AND CtTY ROLES , <br /> Karen and Terry Higashiyama met with the Mayor and Jay Covington last week far guidance and <br /> clarity of the administration's goals far providing human services for the citizens of Renton. The <br /> - administratian is concerned with taking care of the City's residents and doesn't want the city to <br /> become°a magnet that attracts people from outside the city because of our services. They feel the <br /> city should act more as a clearing house that directs people and assets to available resources and <br /> services; not as a provider of services. <br /> The questions were asked, "Are we spreading our dollars too thinly?" "Should the city direcfi more <br /> dotlars to fewer services?" , <br /> The Administration has targeted certain human categories as"priority populations"—Seniors, <br /> , disabled individuals,youth anci families—as targeted areas of concern. <br /> . Fauna Larkin went through the steps the committee will use to refine the definitions of human <br /> � services and the rale(s)the city should take in develaping the Human Services Strategic Plan. <br /> � 4. ENGAGEMENT PlAN ' <br /> Annie Saurwein directed attention to the Engagement Plan and reviewed the processes the <br /> committee will use building up to the five community conversatians. -° <br /> The next step towards engagement targeted names of organizations ta solicit stakeholders for each <br /> of the five conversation topics. This was followed with suggested days,times,and locations for the <br /> conversations ta be held. The lists will be refined over the next few weeks. ' <br />