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� � ° C�j��0� � <br /> Humarn Service§Advisory Cornrr�ittee �r�,�F�ENro�v <br /> � Meeting Minutes ' <br /> Renton City Hall � <br /> �pR Y 7:za�� <br /> . Council Conference Room, 7t" Floor <br /> � March 18, 2014, 3:00 p.m. ��CEIVED <br /> CIYY CLERK'S OFFICE <br /> CALL TO ORDER: Chair Shannon Matson called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m. A quorum was present. <br /> ATTENDANCE: In Attendance: Shannon Matson, Chair; Linda Smith,Vice-Chair; Leslie Anderson; Elyn Blandon; <br /> Len Aron;:Ryan Mclrvin; Brook Lindquist;Amy Koehl. Excused: Chad Beuchler;.Dorothy Capers <br /> City of Renton Staff: Karen Bergsvik; Dianne Utecht;Jennifer Jorgenson. <br /> APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES <br /> _ _ <br /> Shannon asked for a motion to approve the February 18, 2014, mi.nutes as presented. Elyn moved:for approval; <br /> Linda seconded: Motion carried. <br /> DECISIONS THIS MEETING <br /> Karen explained the funding applications are due April 23; 2014. Staff will hav.e the applications copied and <br /> compiled by.May 13tn <br /> A. Guidelines <br /> Shannon went over the draft guidelines for this funding cycle and that it is an agreemenf on a set of norms. She <br /> asked if there were any additions. <br /> Additions from members: �' � ' <br /> Be respectful and mindful. Don't dominate the conversation, and be concise. <br /> Ask questions for:clarity—actively see:k clarification. There are no dumb questions. <br /> Be aware of.the:possible need to recuse avoid a possible conflict of interest. <br /> Be aware of what is working well and not working well,for input into future funding processes: <br /> Members should strive for awareness of initiatives occurring that may impact future budget cyeles. ' <br /> Keep comments on a professional level. Don't focus on the abilities of the grant writer. _ <br /> There was discussion about members taking good notes to provide justification for their ranking. <br /> It was reguested that staff bring the dcaft revised guidelines to the April meeting. <br /> B. Funding process decisions:: <br /> How much funding should the highest ranking application in each Result area receive? <br /> The highest ranked application will not be funded at either the amount of funding previously received:or <br /> at the requested level. This will be:left to the:discretion:of the review team.:It was felt that it was <br /> arbitrary and limited flezibility. <br /> Can programs be funded for more than what was requested? , <br /> No. <br /> Can programs be funded out of rank order? <br /> The group decided the response is No. Application.s will be funded by rank order in each Result area, <br /> from highest to lowest, and no skipping: <br /> Can_a team move funds around in the Result areas that they are.reviewing applications for? <br />