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H:\CED\Data\Forms-Templates\Self-Help Handouts\Building\2019 Forms-Fillable\Demolition.pdf Updated 1/14/19 <br />Development Services Division <br />1055 S. Grady Way <br />Renton, WA 98057 <br />(425) 430-7200 <br /> <br />DEMOLITION PERMIT <br />APPLICATION <br />This application must be filled out completely in order to be submitted for review. We will not accept incomplete applications. We require <br />one (1) demolition permit application per structure. This application is good for one (1) year from the submittal date. A oneā€“time extension of <br />one (1) year can be requested at a cost determined by the Building Official. Once issued, the permit is good for one (1) year from issue date. A <br />one-time extension can be requested at a cost determined by the Building Official. One application per building. Please follow our Electronic <br />File Standards when you are ready to apply. <br />FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: <br />PERMIT NUMBER:_______________________PROJECT NUMBER:____________________SEWER CAPPING:________________ <br />1. LOCATION AND VALUATION INFORMATION <br />JOB ADDRESS:_________________________________________________PARCEL NO:_________________________LOT #:______________ <br />VALUE OF WORK: (Fair market value for time + materials) $___________________ BOEING JOB # (If applicable):____________ <br />DESCRIPTION OF WORK TO BE PERFORMED: ___________________________________________________________________ <br />2. DEMOLITION TYPE <br />Fees * (Public Works disconnection/capping fees are separate): Single Family: $122.00 Commercial/Multi-Family: $265.00 <br />* Add State Code Fee and 5% Technology Surcharge to Calculated Fee <br />Square Footage of structure being demolished?______________________ Each structure needs its own application. <br />If structure to be demolished is over 4,000 sq. ft. - Environmental Checklist and review is required. <br />Will any trees be removed during Demolition? Y/N _____ If yes, tree removal needs to be approved by the Planning Dept. <br />3. BUILDING INFORMATION <br />WATER SUPPLY <br />Water meter to be removed or remain in place? _______________ <br />CONTACT NUMBERS <br />Development Engineering (425) 430-7266 <br />SANITARY SEWER/SEPTIC <br />Sewer is to be capped at the property line. <br />Septic System? Y/N________ King County Public Health (206) 477-8050 <br />ELECTRICITY <br />Electricity to be shut-off and meter removed? Y/N_______ Puget Sound Energy (888) 225-5773 <br />GAS /FUEL <br />Gas to be shut-off and meter removed? Y/N________ Puget Sound Energy (888) 225-5773 <br />Remove fuel or oil tanks? (Complete a RFA Tank Removal Permit Application) Renton Fire Authority (425)-430-7000 <br />FOUNDATION <br />Foundations destroyed and removed? _________ All debris to be removed and site is to be restored to original condition.